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GATEWAY TO THE HATEWAY's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[#575: south philz rulez] [26 Jun 2010|01:23pm]
don't really update no more cuzzzz i dunno. but here


[#573: jamson] [08 Feb 2010|06:35am]
lately i have been taken in by the sherlock holmes fandom. POLLYS FAULT? perhaps
all our jokes now consist of watson loving jam, we seriously talked about this for like 4 hours last night.
Read more...Collapse )

why is my life sad
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[#562: pllh] [11 Sep 2009|04:20pm]
[ mood | hshhj ]

SPX! So we got the floor layouts, and we'll be at table C6 which is by the back!
link to see the floor plan

Who is going again? You should give me yo numbers or something. Shit!! It's soon!
Our table is going to be Sarah, my brother Zack, and Soo... who doesn't have a website, but she's a peach. I'm probably going to post this shit again right before SPX, but i'll have free shit, some comics MAYBE shirts if i can sneak into the SVA screen printing lab, and stickers. I still have a lot of work to do :I


[#560: big kees leetle kees big hug leetle hug] [05 Sep 2009|06:03pm]
Okay so i'm probably definitely moving to Philly... Still trying to get a job, though! Sarah's roommate, Zach, was going to get us jobs where he worked (which payed pretty well and made me excited) but there's been no word after our interview... it's been over a week! Shit!
Anyway. I'm coming back to New York for the week tomorrow. I'm glad, I miss my mom, sob sob and my cats sob sob and my house sob sob and.. the mta!! sob sob. Philly transit is... pretty shitty, to be honest. Atleast their fare system is. Why doesn't every city just have metro cards? WHY
Oh, so I got my postcards and they look really neat! I'm so excited, I might order 50 more because Polly said 250 might not be enough... and 50 is only 10 dollars, so, not that bad. Everybody better go to SPX and buy my shit!! And Soo and Sarah's and Zack's! Do ittttt... we decided our banner is just going to be our faces with puppies and kitties and flowers. Oh man, it's so soon and I still have so much work to do.. but I think it'll be okay. I haven't even finished laying out the abortion comic............
Important: I haven't stopped singing the theme to Babe for a couple of days. Best song ever y/y? When I grow up I want to be farmer Hoggett
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[#559: awooo] [02 Sep 2009|03:52pm]
Things that have happened:
-I went to Nova Scotia with my dad and brother
-I'm in Philly now, staying with Sarah, possibly moving here???
-Ordered my SPX postcards
That's all!! I think
My webite is partially up, just... no actual content. I'm working on that!

some sketchbook pagesCollapse )
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So... apparently I don't have a job anymore?? The store closed down and I can't get in touch with either of my bosses. Through my co-worker I found out that she had been transfered to a different store on 8th street. Tomorrow morning I'm going to go to the 8th st. one and demand my 2 weeks pay, then it's off to search for another job~*~*
The greatest thing about this is my resume looks like I'm completely undependable, all my jobs I've been at for just a few months. (My first job gave me the option of working too many hours so that I fail school, or quit... so.) Great! Also now it's going to be super easy to find a job when I have blue hair. Yep. Thought I would be havin' this job for a while. Nope.
Also I can't work until August, because I'm going away to Canada for a week. Usually when you get a new job they don't like you to take off for a week.
ACTUALLY the saddest part about all of this is that I don't get free ice cream anymore.
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[#557: this is important] [29 Jun 2009|02:38am]
15 that I do not need

I only have 9, because I don't have any others I like
what do I do?!??
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[#556: PEANUT BUTTER IS SPELT WRONG U KNO THAT RITE?] [28 Jun 2009|01:49pm]
Everybody complains about their job! I will complain about it now: the weather has been really crazy lately, like it will thunderstorm out of nowhere, be really rainy and then be a beautiful day. I have been getting less days because when the weather is shitty, they really need only one person at the shop... SO BASICALLY I work like two days a week! Very frustrating! But I guess it's not so bad. I mean, I'm still living at home, I don't have to pay rent. Probably in the winter I will need a second job, though.
My dad asked me seriously about what I wanted to do for an actual job, and I still STILL AT 22 am unsure. Is this sad? I mean obviously I want to do art, and comics, and all that, but I can't really support myself on that (unless I become famous which I am TOTALLY BETTING ON). I sometimes think about being a teacher, and I wanted to go to a CUNY school for history, to maybe teach it... but! Could I really teach? Sarah would be an excellent history teacher (shit, she's the one who got me really interested in history), but Kelly?? And if I wouldn't teach history, then what? ART?? I don't even know. It makes me worried now. What can I honestly do?
In other news, I like this icon.
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[ mood | hmp ]

Okay, I've been reading Lord of the Rings like it's nobodys business, and seriously, Sam Gamgee is the best character ever created. Frodo/Sam isn't even like, made up, that shit's fuckin' canon. A passage:
"At that moment there was a knock at the door, and Sam came in. He ran to Frodo and took his left hand, awkwardly and shyly. He stroked it gently and then he blushed and turned hastily away.
'Hullo Sam!' said Frodo.
'It's warm!' said Sam. 'Meaning your hand, Mr. Frodo. It has felt so cold through the long nights. But glory and trumpets!' he cried, turning round again with shining eyes and dancing on the floor."

Ohh Sam. It's not just that these actions are adorble but the stupid things he says are the greatest moments in the book. Glory and trumpets! Now I'm just looking at horrible, horrible LoTR fanart. This is important:

I've forgotten a lot of the movies so reading the books so far has been successfully undamaged by hollywood. EXCEPT actually, most of the characters look like the actors who played them in the movies, in my head. Which is okay.
Something else stupid: I saw a commercial for Harry Potter and gasped for like 30 seconds. I have to read the book again! Shit! Hopefully Sarah and I could see it together. We saw the fourth one together and basically had a heart attack. Speaking of movies, I haven't seen Up yet. This is terrible.
Ps. Ron is like the poor man's Sam.

I have 19 books on my shelf that I have to read, that is not counting the ones that I have to finish and the ones to re-read. Shit!!! Reading!!!

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[553: this post is boring aka it doesn't have pictures] [12 Jun 2009|02:19am]
Things that have happened

-Tara's wedding!!! First thing, I missed the ceremony which was absolutely terrible and I was really upset about, apparently Tara's step dad gave a really wonderful speech. Will and I arrived JUST when it ended. Other than that, it was really great and the first (last?) wedding of my friends I have attended (I've attended like, 3 of Will's friend's weddings since I've met him). Now Tara is back in stupid Okinawa and I have to not see her until I produce over 2,000 dolla to visit. Which I will do. Minimum wage goooooooooo
-I really like my job. I complain about shit, but it's actually a really good job. My managers are really chill and nice, and so are my co-workers. Plus I get tips, haaay (though not that much).
-I have this bizarre bug bite that has swollen up and is really red. It feels like six cysts grouped together. Sound gross? That's because it is.
-I am slowly but surely working on comics and shit for SPX. Anybody going to SPX??
-MoCCA was really disappointing this year, I'm not sure why, but I was really not into it. And I actually had money too! I only bought three things; Lucy Knisley's cheese shirt, a comic by Hellen Jo, and Tiny Kitten Teeth buttons.
-William has moved from Forest Hills, to Williamsburg, to Greenpoint in the span of a month. Greenpoint is really growing on me, I'm thinking of moving here myself when I have the money.
-I bought this awesome fuckin' honey at the Union Square farmers market. Shitttt it's so good, I've been eating that shit straight from the jar, I don't have the heart to mix it with tea or spread it on toast.

the enddd
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[#552: Attention anime convention attenders] [31 May 2009|06:20pm]
hey guys, me and my pal Soo are pretty sure we're going to get a table for Otakon. Insane? Maybe. My question is, is anybody going, and if so, do you want to share a hotel room? Let me know! Because I enjoy cutting down costs and snap.
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[#549: bloop bloop meme] [08 May 2009|05:56pm]
[ mood | out of it ]

My Thread Here!

My friend Tara is in Queens again! Hooraaay
She moved to Okinawa recently with her ~*~husband and everytime she opens her mouth my brain rages with I-live-on-an-Island-that-has-cute-shit-everywhere jealousy
She's getting married FOR THE SECOND TIME to the same person in June and there will be lots of food and open bar and I'm excited
also I guess to see them get married blah blah

Also some news I forgot to announce, I left SVA like 5 months ago to take a leave of absence for a year, but I decided I'm probably not going back... I might try and get a degree in history instead, but I'll still be a freelance whatever. I don't know. My life is full of mixed up junk right now

[#546: poops] [16 Apr 2009|02:07am]
I have no access to a working scanner so here are some shitty pictures of my sketchbook
boop tootCollapse )

At some point (soon?) I will actually scan things and have my website up, yayyyy yayyy

PS!!!! we re-named grey cat Chloe because she looks like Chloe O'Brien from 24
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[545: How YOU can belittle yourself daily, and other tips!] [15 Apr 2009|10:20pm]
HEY guys
I think I'm going to do a fake magazine that's like a parody of women/girl magazines like Cosmo and... Cosmo Girl.
It's going to be like a bunch of different people contributing (I hope). So far Sarah and Polly are in on it, and Will is going to do the fake "ask a boy" section or whatever. I'm doing the cover, and maybe an ad or something... oh, yeah, it will have fake ads! Which I think will be fun.
If it's done in time, maybe we'll sell it at SPX.
Anybody want to get in on this??
So yeah, you could do an ad, an article, I dunno, whatever else is in girl magazines. C'mon!
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[#544: another internet thing?] [10 Apr 2009|03:32am]
I made a tumblr??

[#543: whhhhhhhhhaaauuuuuuut] [09 Apr 2009|03:38pm]
[ mood | ghhj ]

Okay, I was waiting until I had shit actually scanned, or my website to be finally up (which it will be soon) to post something, but

that new Seth Rogen movie? Where the main character, the MAIN CHARACTER, Seth Rogen, DATE RAPES somebody? And it's like
I can't even
It's apparently not even like "oh well she wanted it because she was drunk and flirty" WHICH ISN'T RIGHT EITHER but, it's like blantant date rape, as in, her passing out and him having sex with an unconcious woman.
How the fuck
does somebody
I urge anybody with a brain (so, everybody) to not see this movie

Polly sent me this link the other day, and if anybody ever says to me they love Judd Apatow/Seth Rogen (they are the same person to me) and they ask me why I want to punch a hole through his midsection until he admits he's a douchebag motherfucker, to which I will continue to punch a hole through his midsection, I will send them this link.

Soo and I had a yelling and complaining match about our heated passions (mine, feminism and media, hers, the enviornment) whist William played video games and occasionally offered his opinion or laughed at how crazy we were.
It was William's birthday yesterday! Yay! It was fun
Oh and btw I took a leave of absence from SVA
Not sure if I'll go back, though

Oh oh and Soo, Zack, Sarah and I have a table for SPX! Be there or be square

this thread makes me want to kill eveybody

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[#542: Bazow!] [25 Oct 2008|08:52am]
[ mood | zippity ]

Book I made for Storytelling classCollapse )

Sssnap! Time to go to work!

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[#540: Some guy heckled me on the train about reading a civil war book] [12 Sep 2008|09:32pm]

I can't... even begin on what is ridiculous and infuriating there.
Don't worry, though, here is something to calm your rage

Anyway, so, I start my job at the library tomorrow. I'm kind of excited because I'm basically just catagorizing shit all day.
School is good! I have Jason Little for drawing, and Nick Bertozzi for cartooning principles. Jason Little is nothing I expected, because for some reason I expected him to be this douchey looking buff guy even though I really enjoy his comics. In reality, he has a cute dorky sense of fashion (Red pants and green shoes? I wanna get on that) and seems very friendly. He's into drilling the technical aspects of cartooning (and drawing in general), which is annoying because I am not good at them. So it's good! Because I'm not good at them!
Bertozzi is adorable and charismatic. Though I am a bit nervous we will be drawing auto-biographic comics too much, because I seriously do not want to do professional looking comics about myself! I can only stand it for so long from other people. I mean, it's fun to do as doodling, or once and a while inked and all that, but... but done all professional like? On a regular basis?! N-No way!
Anyway, my other teachers are neat too. I have Francis Jetter for storytelling, she's really cute. Her ideas for assignments are fun, right now we're making tiny accordian books with our interpretations of certain nursery ryhmes. The next one we have to creatively interpret an opera! Also we will learn how to book bind which will be useful and also awesome.
Handlettering, I'm not too sure how to feel about the teacher yet, but he seems friendly enough. Hopefully the class will be very helpful.
In addition, I've got Western Civilization, which will be fun, and History of Political Philosophy... The latter will be interesting because I've never read much on the subject, much less taken a class on it!

Um. Anyway, no other real news, I think.
Oh! Except that Yu and I went to this nice shabu shabu place the other night, in China Town. SHABU SHAABBBUUUUUUUUUUUUTHEFUCKOUT
Next: Korean BBQ!

Zack made lime ice cream the other night and it was very delicious.
Thheee Ennnnd.
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[#539: scchhhxxx] [31 Aug 2008|01:02am]

I start school on Tuesday. But one last trip to the beach on Monday! Okay, I am lying, there will be more beach trips after that.
The camera William bought me broke-- BROKE! I had it for barely a week! He's getting it replaced and I am attatching a strong letter of extreme disappointment. Though I did manage to take pictures at this Defiance, Ohio concert I went to with William two(?) weeks ago. I had never seen them in concert, but it was kind of what I expected; them to be super cute and happy while playing. Enjoyable!
I'm not sure how I feel about Adventure Time getting picked up as a series by Cartoon Network.

Oh! On Friday I went to this small store near St. Marks, where William had gotten me a gift certificate to make my own perfume. YOU GUYYYSSS the perfume I made smells so awesome. It's citrus basil, pear and Egyptian musk for a base.
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[#538: blurgh] [24 Aug 2008|12:19pm]
I updated my flickr for the first time in a million years. I should keep that up, perhaps.

I'm going to Philadelphia today, right after I attend a Mets game with William.
Also!! The camera William bought me arrived, and it's very nice.
ALSO!! Yu is in New York, and we will hang out Thursday. Excited!

My entries are boring. :,(
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